Highlights from this conference will include learning about UCSF Health Nurses’ implementation projects, networking with other nurses interested in research and quality improvement, and gaining skills related to evidence synthesis and dissemination. In addition, you’ll have immeasurable learning opportunities, generous raffles, spectacular networking opportunities, and nursing contact hours for your time. See flyer for distribution.

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UCSF Medical Center Staff & School of Nursing


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9:00AM – 9:20AM


9:20AM – 9:30AM


9:30AM - 10:00AM

Keynote Speaker

10:00AM – 10:10AM


10:10AM - 11:10AM

EBP & JBI Fellows Presentations

11:10AM – 11:20AM


11:20AM - 11:50AM

Breakout Session

11:50AM - 12:30PM


12:30PM - 1:00PM

Breakout Session

1:00PM – 1:10PM


1:10PM - 1:40PM

Networking Session

1:40PM – 1:50PM


1:50PM - 2:50PM

EBP & JBI Fellows Presentations

2:50PM – 3:00PM


3:00PM - 3:30PM

Poster Viewing

3:30PM - 4:00PM



Due to Covid-19, this will be an entirely virtual conference.



Invited Speakers

Pat Patton

Chief Nursing Executive

Hildegarde Schell-Chaple

Director of Clinical Practice and Research






Breakout Session Themes



Impact of Nursing on Healthcare

How does nursing shape and alter healthcare? How do nurses influence policies and procedures throughout the Medical Center? What we learn influence the care bedside nurses provide. Let's take a look at how UCSF nursing research, evidence, and quality affect healthcare.

Resiliency During the Pandemic

COVID-19 deeply impacted UCSF nurses and the care nurses provided. What makes our nurses resilient? How will research and evidence during this time impact the way nurses provide care in the future? Have a discussion on the impacts COVID-19 had on nursing and what makes UCSF nurses unique.




Research, Evidence-Based Practice (EBP), Quality Improvement Projects

Dive deep into nursing research evidence-based practice, and quality projects occuring at UCSF now. Learn how research and finding the evidence impacts our frontline workers on the units. 

Skill Building Workshops

Are you interested in building your skills on abstract writing, data analysis, poster presentation, and powerpoint tips and tricks? You found the evidence, now what? How do nurses disseminate the data and findings? Learn the best ways to share your knowledge.







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