Approved Clinical Placements

UCSF Clinical Placement Intake

For approved student clinical placements at UCSF Medical Center at Parnassus, Mission Bay, and Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute. Clinical Faculty must also submit a form for each term.  UCSF School of Nursing students do not use this form.


Intake Form Submission Deadlines


Academic Term

Course Begins


Jan - Feb

Last Day to Submit

Dec. 15


Mar - Apr


May - Jul

Feb. 15

Apr. 15


Aug - Oct


Nov - Dec

Jul. 15

Oct. 15


Student Onboarding Intake Form

  • CCPS Placement Request ID for the approved placement is needed if school administrator contact is unknown
  • Processing time is up to six weeks
  • Confirmation sent via email address you provide
  • UCSF username and password will be provided by UCSF once onboarding is complete