Approved Clinical Placements

UCSF Clinical Placement Intake Form

For approved student clinical placements at UCSF Medical Center at Parnassus, Mission Bay, and Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute. UCSF School of Nursing students do not use this form.

Deadlines to Submit Intake Form

Academic Term






   Course begins

Jan- Feb

Mar- Apr

May- Jul

Aug-  Oct


Nov- Dec

Last day to submit

Dec 15

Feb 15

Apr 15

Jul 15

Oct 15

  • User will need the following information (if unknown contact school administrator)
    • CCPS Placement Request ID for the approved placement
    • Password to access Intake Form link  
  • Processing time is up to six weeks. You will receive confirmation via the email address you provide.
  • UCSF username and password will be provided by UCSF once onboarding is complete.

Onboarding Intake Form