Clinical Nurse Researchers

Clinical Nurse Researchers (CNRs) are doctorally prepared nurses who support and facilitate clinical inquiry at UCSF Medical Center. While PhD-prepared nurses in hospital or healthcare systems may be referred to as Nurse Researchers or Nurse Scientists, UCSF Medical Center Department of Nursing has intentionally identified this role as Clinical Nurse Researcher, exemplifying the importance of clinical engagement of the individual and the role.

Nursing research is the disciplined clinical inquiry into issues that concern nurses, patients and families, and the healthcare team. It identifies and develops knowledge to build the scientific foundation for clinical practice. Nurse researchers study the process and outcomes of care. Clinical nurse researchers ensure development and coordination of programs, structures, and processes that promote clinical inquiry at UCSF Health. CNRs directly support nurses at all levels of the organization by helping them with literature reviews, evaluation of evidence, and translation of evidence into practice. Clinical Nurse Researchers also work with nurses to design and conduct original research studies and perform quality improvement projects. 

UCSF Health has two Clinical Nurse Researchers that collaborate with nurses in all aspects of clinical inquiry. This involves engagement on the UCSF Institutional Review Board panels, ensuring nursing engagement in the administrative oversight and protection of human subjects in research at UCSF. It also involves collaboration with all levels of nurses in research development, implementation, analysis, and dissemination. 

UCSF Clinical Nurse Researcher Staff

  • Maria Yefimova, PhD, RN, Lead Nurse Scientist
  • Christine Miaskowski, PhD, RN, FAAN, Adult Complex Care Nurse Scientist
  • Hildy Schell-Chaple, PhD, RN, CCNS, FAAN, Director of Clinical Practice & Research
  • Sandra Staveski, PhD, RN, CPNP-AC, FAAN, Pediatric Complex Care Nurse Scientist
  • Laura M. WagnerPhD, RN, GNP, FAAN, Scholarship Development Specialist