Student Placement Requests

Undergraduate Nursing Programs

Preceptors and Capstones

  • We kindly ask that pre-licensure students and faculty do not approach staff at UCSF to request clinical placements.


  • A cohort consists of students enrolled in the same course, on set days, and supervised by onsite clinical faculty.  All requests, approvals, and declinations for student cohort rotations at UCSF Health are facilitated through the Bay Area Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS) by the school administrator.  The affiliated school determines individual student assignments to UCSF locations. 
  • Click here for the CCPS website.

Graduate Nursing Programs

Post-licensure nursing students or their school representatives are responsible for securement of preceptors or practicum experiences.  A UCSF employee with appropriate license and credentials may agree to precept a student after obtaining approval from their supervisor.

For Advanced Practice Provider (APP) students (NP, PA, Midwife, CRNA, CNS) please contact the Office of Advanced Practice by filling out the APP Student Intake Form. For other types of post-licensure programs, please submit a Practicum Request.   

An affiliation agreement is required prior to approval. Click here for the affiliation agreement page.

Click here to submit a practicum request.