2018 HKSH Fellows & Projects

  • Implementing a Weekly Debriefing Session for New Nurses in a Medical Ward
    BO Chui Yan, Bo, RN, Bsc (Nursing), Mnurs, Ward 21/F,  Adult Medical Ward
  • The Implementation of a Standardized Workflow Improves job Satisfaction in the Endoscopy Centre
    CHAN Chui Fung, Joe, NO II, MSc.(HSM), MSc.(Gastroenterology), and BPhil(Health Care), Endoscopy Centre
  • Implementing an Electronic Learning Platform for Perioperative Novice Nurses on Common Surgical Procedures
    CHAN Hin Cheong, Vincent, RN, BN, MN (Advanced Practice), Msc (Health Care Management), FHKAN (Perioperative Nursing), FHKAN (Education), Operating Theater
  • Implementation of a Mobility Reminder Card at the Point of Care
    CHAN Ka Lai, Carrie, RN, BSN, Ward 31/F, Semi-Private Ward
  • Implementation of A Transfer Checklist for the Intra-Hospital ICU Patient in The Intensive Care Unit
    CHAN Tsz Ho, Ronald, RN, BSN, Intensive Care Unit
  • Implementing an Educational Program for Nurses on Calling Emergency 1000 and Other Urgent Calls
    CHUNG Wai Yin, Kelley, RN, BSN, MN, Out Patient Department (OPD)
  • The Implementation of a Standardized Peripheral Intravenous Securement and Maintenance Guideline for Nurses in the Pediatric Ward
    LAM Yi Lei, Elisa, RN, BN, MNurs, PRCC (Pediatric Intensive Care Nursing), Ward 26/F, Pediatric Ward
  • Does a Neonatal Resuscitation Drill Affect Nursing Confidence and Performance in the Labor Ward?
    LI Chui Yan, Fanessca, RN, RM, IBCLC, BN, MSc(Obstetric), FHKAN(Midwifery) & NRP Instructor, Department of Obstetrics
  • Does the Implementation of a Breastfeeding Educational Intervention Affect a First-Time Mother’s Confidence to Continue Breastfeeding at Discharge?
    TANG Hoi Yan, Kathleen, RNM, BSN, MSN, IBCLC®, Maternity Department
  • Structured Debriefing for Nursing Students in Clinical Placement
    TUN Wing Yee, Elisa, RN, BN(Hons), MNurs, Medical & Surgical Ward
  • What is the Effectiveness of Preoperative Education for Patients Using Patient Controlled Analgesia to Enhance Pain Management?
    WAN Yim Lai, Yani, NO II, Ward 23/F
  • Does the Implementation of a Prone Positioning Checklist for Operating Theatre Nurses Improve Compliance with Prone Position Pressure Point Protection
    WONG Wai Yan, Erica, RN, BSc (HONS), MS (HSM), Operating Theater
  • The Implementation of Visual Instructional Cards to Improve Patients’ Compliance on Bowel Preparation for a Colonoscopy
    YU Oi Yi, Janet, MSc, BSN, RN, Digestive Medicine Centre (DMC)