Mission & Philosophy
The Mission, Vision and Values of UCSF Health convey the reasons we exist as an organization, what we aspire to as an organization and the way we will work to get there.


Our mission — the reason we exist — is Caring, Healing, Teaching and Discovering.


Our vision — what we want to be — is to be the best provider of health care services, the best place to work and the best environment for teaching and research.


Our values statement — our guide to the individual and organizational behavior we expect — is embodied in the acronym PRIDE:

  • Professionalism: How we conduct ourselves and our business
  • Respect: For our patients, families, ourselves and each other
  • Integrity: Always doing the honest, right thing
  • Diversity: Understanding and embracing the diverse beliefs, needs and expectations of our patients, community and employees
  • Excellence: What we strive for in everything we do


We, the professional nurses at UCSF Health are committed to:

  • Compassionate care and advocacy for all patients, families and the community.
  • Excellence in nursing care delivery that is grounded in a holistic approach to the patient and family, acknowledging that their individual responses are influenced by culture, religion, ethnicity and lifestyle.
  • Taking responsibility for assessing, developing, implementing and evaluating evidence-based multidisciplinary care, incorporating patient and family values and preferences.
  • Integrating ethics with interpersonal, intellectual and technical skills in providing evidence-based comprehensive care to patients.
  • Supporting a culture of caring and nurturing one another by maintaining an environment of unconditional mutual respect.