2021 Nursing Presentations Awards and Recognition

Nursing Awards Winners




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Daisy Awards Winners


Daisy Award Nominees

  • Allyson Stephens, RN, Intensive Care Nursery
  • Janna Toste, RN, Intensive Care Nursery
  • Audrey McNealy, RN, Birth Center
  • Janet Lam, RN, C4 PCTCU
  • Edward Sales, RN, 15Long
  • Jamey Moore, RN, 15Long
  • Hannah Collins, RN, 15Long
  • James Catiis, RN, 15Long
  • Easther Marie Serrano, RN, 7Long/7East
  • Sydney Gressel, RN, Mission Bay ED
  • Carly Clemence, RN, A5
  • Cindy Chu, RN, A5
  • Cosima Singleton, RN, A5
  • Herwin Hernandez, RN, A5
  • Kala Keffer, RN, Birth Center
  • Michael Calabrese, RN, C5 Med/Surg
  • Annalise Hancock, RN, Birth Center
  • Megan Levy, RN, Birth Center
  • 9/13 ICU Nursing Team
  • CICU_CRRT Team
  • Hospital Supervisor Group
  • Pediatric Critical Care Resource Team
  • Covid Assessment Testing and Coordination Hub (CATCH) Team
  • Birth Center Triage Nurses