Evidence-Based Practice Fellowship
Nurses from the variety of patient care areas of the UCSF Medical Center participate in the Evidence-based Practice (EBP) Fellows Program offered annually by the Institute for Nursing Excellence.

The series of workshops which comprise this program are intended to guide competitively selected clinicians to develop, implement, and evaluate rapid-cycle / small tests of change to improve or enhance patient and family care. 

Program Objectives

  • Teach nursing staff how to apply the skills of research utilization, problem identification and solution testing to promote the adoption of evidence-based practice
  • Stimulate innovate thinking regarding behaviors, routines and practices that are efficient and effective in improving patient and family outcomes
  • Identify issues and develop improvement strategies to enhance care delivery
  • Foster professional growth and development of staff nurses

The Clinical InQuERI Council reviews and ranks all EBP Fellow applications on an annual basis.  Each fellow is paired with a trained coach, who is an Advanced Practice Nurse, Patient Care Manager, Nurse Informaticist, Nursing Profesional Development Specialist/Generalist, or a former EBP Fellow.  EBP Fellows develop, implement, evaluate, and present their projects over an intense five-to-seven month period.