Evidence-Based Practice Trainings
Nurses from a variety of patient care areas across UCSF Health are invited to participate in the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) training experiences and fellowship program, offered by the Center for Nursing Excellence & Innovation.

The Center for Nursing Excellence & Innovation offers three different pathways for EBP training and implementation experiences.

EBP Pathways

1. EBP E-Learning Modules

2. EBP Training Experiences

  • Option 1: 4-Day Immersion
  • Option 2: 8-Week Workshop Series

3. EBP Fellowship Program

Aims of EBP are to prepare clinical nurses to understand and apply the seven steps of EBP:

  1. Create a culture of inquiry
  2. Identify the problem
  3. Access the literature
  4. Critically appraise the literature
  5. Create and implement an intervention
  6. Evaluate the change in practice
  7. Disseminate the project findings


    EBP Pathway Descriptions

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    Program Dates

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    Program Funding Opportunities

    Funding for the 2022 EBP Training Experiences and Fellowship Eligibility Criteria differs from previous years and depends on the EBP pathway.

    To complete the e-learning modules, participants may use their ed-leave hours. These modules can be accessed via Nursing Connect and do not require an application. 

    For either training program, including the eight-week training series or four-day immersion experience, there is no fee to participate in the training upon acceptance. However, participants may either use their ed-leave hours or be sponsored by their home unit/department for the time required to complete the training. Participation in either training program requires an application.  Additional details regarding the application process can be found below. 

    For the fellowship program, funding is shared between the Center for Nursing Excellence & Innovation (CNEI), home unit/department, and participant (ed leave hours). There is no fee to participate in the fellowship program upon acceptance. As a fellow, you will be entitled to charge up to 40 hours to the CNEI for the e-learning modules and training, and up to 80 hours to the CNEI for the fellowship component. These 80-hours for implementation will be allocated accordingly. For each month from June to October 2022.

    • 2-hours of funding are allocated for monthly coaching sessions
    • 2-hours of funding are allocated for monthly workshops
    • 12-hours of funding are allocated for project time each month

    Therefore, fellows are allowed to charge CNEI up to 16 hours total each month between June and October.  

    The participant is responsible for using ed-leave or seeking unit sponsorship to attend the annual Inquiry Conference in March 2022 (6-hours) and then to present at Nursing Grand Rounds in November 2022 (4-hours) as well as the Inquiry Conference in March 2023 (6-hours).  

    Actual schedules must be negotiated and agreed upon between the fellow and fellow’s supervisor on a month-to-month basis based on the scope of work that needs to be accomplished. EBP Class and Project time is considered time in lieu of—not in addition to—patient care. Staff will be paid straight time only; overtime is not approved for EBP training experiences or project work. All time floated to CNEI should be coded in HBS as “normal hours worked” and “straight time only”. The Enterprise Code “EBP Fellows” should be used on HBS Timesheets.


    Training Experiences & Fellowship Application Timeline & Process

    • Application Opens on January 18th
    • Application Closes on February 25th

    All applicants will be notified by March 9th regarding the status of their application so they can plan accordingly. Applicants should request off for program dates before applying to ensure they are available, should they be accepted.

    Should you have any questions about the training experiences, fellowship program, application or selection process, please contact [email protected].


    Application for the training experiences and fellowship program found below

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    Evidence-Based Practice Training Experiences & Fellowship Informational Sessions

    To learn more about these initiatives or changes, we invite you to join for an informational session on either February 1st  at 1:10PM or February 4th at 10:10AM. To register for either info session, please RSVP below. You may also contact [email protected] with any questions.   

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