Faculty Practice and Ambulatory Services

360: Positive Care Center (HIV/AIDS Program)
Adult Infusion Center at Mt. Zion (MZ5)
Allergy & Immunology
ALS Center (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
Antenatal Testing Center
Anticoagulation  Clinic
Balance and Falls Center
BOPC Ophthalmology
Call Center
Cardiology Clinic at MZ
Cardiovascular Care &  Prevention Center - Golden Gate Practice
Cardiovascular Care and Prevention Center at MB
Cardiovascular Genetics Program
CC: Anal Neoplasia
CC: Breast Care Oncology/ MB
CC: Breast Plastic Surgery
CC: Breast Plastic Surgery / MB
CC: Breast Surgery / MB
CC: Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program
CC: Center for Pelvic Physiology
CC: Endocrine Surgery & Oncology / MZ
CC: GI Medical Oncology
CC: GI Surgical Oncology (including Hepatobiliary)
CC: GU Medical Oncology
CC: Gynecologic Oncology
CC: Head and Neck Surgical Oncology
CC: Head and Neck Surgical Oncology - Endocrine Surgery
CC: Hereditary Cancer Center Clinic
CC: Infusion Center at MB
CC: Interventional Pulmonary, MZ
CC: Investigational Therapeutics Phase 1
CC: Melanoma Oncology
CC: Melanoma Surgery / MZ
CC: Orthopedic Surgical Oncology
CC: Psychiatry and Psycho-oncology, MZ
CC: Psycho-oncology, MB
CC: Psycho-oncology, Parn
CC: Radiation Oncology / MZ
CC: Speech Rehab
CC: Symptom Management Service, MZ
CC: Symptom Management, MB
CC: Thoracic Oncology
CC: Thoracic Surgery
CC: Urologic Surgical Oncology
Center for Reproductive Health
Chest Practice (Pulmonary Practice at Parnassus)
Cochlear Implant
Craniofacial Clinic / Center for Craniofacial Anomalies
CT Surgery (Card Surgery Parnassus)
Dermatology Practice / MZ
Dermatology Surgery / MZ
Dermatology: Day Care
Dermatology: Faculty Practice (Psoriasis and Skin Treatment Center)
Dermatology: Phototherapy
Diabetes Practice
Diabetes Practice / MZ
Diabetes Teaching Center
Dialysis (Outpatient) / MZ
Electromyography (EMG)
Endocrinology / MZ
Endocrinology at Parnassus
Epilepsy Center - Adult
Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Gastroenterology Practice / MZ
General Internal Medicine / MZ - Sutter
General Internal Medicine /MZ - Post
General Internal Medicine /MZ - Post
General Medicine Behavioral Health
Geriatrics Primary Care
Gynecological Dysplasia
Gynecological Surgical Services at MB
Headache Center
Heart & Lung Transplant Clinic Mechanical Circulatory Support
Heart and Lung Transplant Clinic
Heart and Vascular Center
Hematology and Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinic
Ida Friend Infusion Center at MZ
ILD (Intestinal Lung Disease)
Infectious Disease
Integrated Transfer Center (Urgent Admit Line)
Interpreting Services Division
Kidney and Pancreas Transplant - Post
Kidney and Pancreas Transplant - Pre
Lakeshore Family Medicine Center
Lipid Practice at Parnassus
Liver Disease & Liver Transplant - Pre (350 Parnassus)
Liver Transplant - Post (400 Parnassus)
Liver Transplant Clinic - Post Fresno
Marin Adult Specialties | Neurosurgery
Memory & Aging Clinic
Montgomery Screening and Acute Care
Multiple Sclerosis Center
Nephrology and Hypertension
Neurology Practice
Neurosurgery at Napa
Neurovascular Disease and Stroke Center
Nutrition Counseling Clinic at Mount Zion
OB/Gyn Faculty Practice at MZ
OBGYN Practice at Owens Street
Obstetrics Services and Perinatal Medicine Specialties at MB
Ophthalmology - Webster ASC
Ophthalmology General / Optometry
Ophthalmology MD Consult Clinic
Ophthalmology:  Cornea
Ophthalmology:  Neuro-400
Ophthalmology: Glaucoma
Ophthalmology: Neuro
Ophthalmology: Ocular Oncology
Ophthalmology: Ocular Plastics & Neuro Ophtho
Ophthalmology: Refractive Surgery
Ophthalmology: Vitreous/Retina
Optical Services (Vision Optical)
Orthopaedic - Pediatric - Marin
Orthopaedic Institute - Arthroplasty / Arthritis & Joint Replacement Center
Orthopaedic Institute - Concussion Clinic
Orthopaedic Institute - Interdisciplanary Spine Service
Orthopaedic Institute - Nerve Injury Clinic
Orthopaedic Institute - Ortho Foot/Ankle
Orthopaedic Institute - Ortho Hand/ Upper Extremity
Orthopaedic Institute - Ortho Sports Medicine
Orthopaedic Institute - PACU
Orthopaedic Institute - Prepare
Orthopaedic Institute - Skeletal Health
Orthopaedic Institute - SPD
Orthopaedic Institute - Spine
Orthopaedic Institute - Surgery Center
Orthopaedic Institute - Trauma
Orthopaedic Spine - Marin
Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery (Faculty Practice)
Outpatient Neurodiagnostics Department at Mission Bay
Outpatient Neurodiagnostics Department at Mission Bay
Outpatient Neurodiagnostics Department at Mission Bay
Pain Management Center / MZ
Parnassus Infusion
Patient Access Services / Lab Registration
Patient Access Services / Mission Bay (Adult Hospital)
Patient Access Services / Mission Bay (Children's Hospital)
Patient Access Services / MZ
Patient Access Services / Parn
Patient Access Services / Surgical Waiting Area
Pediatric Brain Center: Epilepsy
Pediatric Brain Center: Epilepsy
Pediatric Brain Center: Epilepsy
Pediatric Brain Center: General Rehab Medicine
Pediatric Brain Center: Headache
Pediatric Brain Center: Multiple Sclerosis
Pediatric Brain Center: Neurology
Pediatric Brain Center: Neurosurgery
Pediatric Cardiology at Modesto
Pediatric Cardiology at Stockton
Pediatric Specialties at Fremont
Pediatric Specialties at Marin
Pediatric Specialties at Pleasanton
Pediatric Specialties at San Mateo
PEDIATRIC SURGICAL SPECIALTIES: Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
PEDIATRIC SURGICAL SPECIALTIES: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Pediatric Treatment Center
PEDIATRIC MEDICAL SPECIALTIES: Neurodiagnostics Department at Mission
PEDIATRIC:  Cardiology
PEDIATRIC: Acute Care at Mount Zion
PEDIATRIC: Adolescent and Young Adult Clinic
PEDIATRIC: After Hours at Mount Zion
PEDIATRIC: Dental Clinic
PEDIATRIC: Diabetes (Madison Clinic)
PEDIATRIC: Endocrinology Clinic
PEDIATRIC: Gastroentrology
PEDIATRIC: Hematology Oncology / BMT
PEDIATRIC: Immunology and Rheumatology
PEDIATRIC: Infectious Disease
PEDIATRIC: Primary Care at Mount Zion
PEDIATRIC: Primary Care at Mount Zion
PEDIATRIC: Pulmonary
PEDIATRIC: Rehab: Spina Bifida
PEDIATRIC: Rehab: Spina Bifida
PEDIATRIC: Rehab: Spina Bifida
PEDIATRIC: Weight Management Program
Pediatrics and Adult Specialties Santa Rosa
Pedicatrics Audiology Clinic
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Prenatal Diagnostic Center
Prenatal Diagnostic Center (Marin)
Prenatal Diagnostic Center (Monterey)
Prenatal Diagnostic Center (Santa Rosa)
Primary Care China Basin Berry St.
Primary Care China Basin Waterfront
Pulmonary Practice / MZ
Radiation Oncology
Radiation Oncology at Mission Bay
Rehab-PT Faculty Practice at Lakeshore
Rehab-PT Faculty Practice at Mission Bay
Rehab-PT Faculty Practice at MZ
Rheumatology Clinic
Screening and Acute Care
Sleep Practice / MZ
Spine Center - Neuro
Surgery Faculty Practice
Surgical Movement & Disorder
Thyroid Practice at Parnassus
UCSF Primary Care Laurel Village
Urology Faculty Practices (Adult)
Vascular Surgery
Viral Hepatitis Clinic
Voice and Swallowing
Weight Management
Women's Health OBGYN at MZ
Women's Health OBGYN Services at Serramonte
Women's Health Primary Care
Women's Health Resource Center Great Expectations Pregnancy Program
Women's Options Center
Young Women's Program