Magnet Unit/Department Champion Council

The Magnet Unit/Department Champion Council is focused on the Magnet Model, with council members serving as an educational resource, role model and point of contact for Magnet-related projects and activities at the unit, practice and departmental levels.

Council members include nursing representation from inpatient, ambulatory and procedural areas, and inter-professional colleagues also serve as key members of the council.

Council members meet to obtain updates, share ideas, and discuss innovative strategies to disseminate information to unit staff. They are involved in numerous activities including:

  • Development of Brag Books on units and practices.
  • Contribution to the Magnet document for unit or practice-specific initiatives.
  • Serve as Unit Sponsors for NDNQI RN Satisfaction Survey.
  • Serve as Appraiser escorts and greeters on units during the Magnet site visit.
  • Participation in select Magnet site visit meetings.