2017 HKSH Fellows & Projects

  • The Implementation of a Revised Surgical Count Checklist to Facilitate Handover and the Counting Procedure Among OT Nursing Staff
    CHAN Shuk Yi, Umi, RN, BSN, MN, Operating Theatre
  • Implementing a Self-Directed Orientation Checklist: Impact on the Job Satisfaction of New Dispensers
    CHIU Yuen Ching, Cagney, MPharm, Pharmacist
  • Implementation of a Standardized Environmental Cleaning Bundle to Enhance Hospital Cleaning Practices
    CHONG Lee Ying, Jolie, RN, BSc (Nursing), Infection Control Nurse
  • Proactive Nutrition Screening for Cancer Patients in the Comprehensive Oncology Center at HKSH
    CHOW Min Yan, Jessica, BSc Nutrition & Dietetics, MSc Gastroenterology, State Registered Dietitian, Dietitian I, Health Assessment Department
  • Implementation of the Visual Infusion Phlebitis Score (VIP Score)
    CHUNG Yuen Chi, Samantha, RN, BSc (Hons) in Nursing, MNurs, Ward 33/F
  • Does a Reflective Journal With Educator Feedback Enhance Clinical Learning for Nursing Students?
    LAU Lai Yee, Claudia, RN, BNurs(Hons), MSc(WHS), Nurse Educator I
  • Pharmacist-led Counseling For Patients Taking Oral Anticancer Drugs
    LEE Lap Ho, Roger, R. Ph. (MSc in Clinical Pharmacy)
  • Does the Implementation of an Acute Stroke Nursing Assessment Guideline Improve Nurses’ Confidence in Performing In-Hospital Acute Stroke Care?
    MA Shui Wan, Tina, RN, BSN, Master of Nursing
  • Implementing a Standardized Hypersensitivity Reaction (HSR) Guideline for Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Patients
    MAK Wing Kwan, Shirley, RN, BSN, Mnurs (Palliative Care), Comprehensive Oncology Center (COC)
  • Implementation of a Pain Management Program
    MOK Wing Sze, Mary, RN, BSc (Nurs), MN , Ward 20/F – Medical & Oncology
  • The Implementation of a Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening / Diagnosis Checklist for Educating IVF Patients
    NG Yuen Yee, Pauline, BSc (Hons) Nursing (HKU), MNurs (HKU), Post Graduate Diploma in Perioperative Nursing (Melbourne U), RN (Team Leader) IVF Centre
  • Implementation of a Pre-Chemotherapy Introduction Program to Reduce Anxiety in Adult Oncology Patients
    TSE Wing Chi, Fion, Registered Nurse (Bnurs,MNurs), Ward 30/F – Semi private Haematology and Oncology Ward
  • Implementation of a Standardized Checklist for Operating Theatre Handover
    TSANG Siu King, Cindy, RN, BSc (NursStud), FHKAN (Perioperative), OT, Senior Nursing Officer
  • Standardized Nursing Education to Increase Confidence in Providing Post-PCI Patient Discharge Education
    TSANG Yuen Yee, Jenny, RN, BSN, MN, Clinical Instructor, Ward 12/F – General Male Ward
  • Implementation of a Standard Re-Feeding Education Program to Improve Nursing Staff Competence in Proper Re-Feeding Technique
    U Flavia, SRD (UK), BSc (Nut & Diet) , MSc (Endo), Senior dietitian, Dietetic Unit
  • Early Recognition and Activation of Urgent Medical Help for Clinically Deteriorating Patients
    YEUNG Nga Man, Karen, RN, BSc (Nursing), MNurs, FHKAN (Nursing & Health Care Management)