Happy CNS Week!

This week, September 1-7, 2020, is National CNS Week!  A CNS or Clinical Nurse Specialist is a licensed advanced practice nurse who provides expert clinical practice, research, education, consultation, and clinical leadership with an identified patient population or clinical specialty (CA Board of Registered Nursing).  The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) conceptualizes CNS practice as clinical expertise within three spheres of influence:  patient/family, nurses and nursing practice, and organization/systems. 

We are fortunate at UCSF Health to have so many amazing CNSs supporting Nursing care at the bedside, in our units, on our committees, and in leadership roles that guide and shape evidence-based nursing practice at UCSF!  We also want to recognize the efforts of the Advanced Practice Specialists (APS), who are part of the group and function similarly to CNSs within their specialty/population, but who have a different license.  Our CNS/APS teams include:


 Adult Areas:

  • Susan Barbour, Palliative Care CNS
  • Marilyn Bazinski, Pain CNS
  • Sarah Berger, Adult Critical Care CNS
  • Sasha Binford, Geriatric CNS
  • Skyler Bivens, Adult Wound and Ostomy APS
  • Yali Brennan, Interim Adult Diabetes APS
  • Laura Griffith, Adult Hematology/Oncology/BMT CNS
  • Sarah Hartrick, Adult Wound and Ostomy APS
  • Amy Larsen, Adult Critical Care CNS
  • Melissa Lee, Adult Acute & Transitional Care CNS
  • Michelle Macal, Adult Acute & Transitional Care CNS
  • Esther Rov-Ikpah, Interim Adult Diabetes APS
  • Diane Sandman, Adult Wound and Ostomy APS
  • Cass Sandoval, Adult Critical Care CNS
  • Ben Tanner, Emergency Department CNS
  • Vickie Thun, Adult Wound and Ostomy APS


Pediatric Areas – BCH West Bay:

  • Jeanne Buchanan, Pediatric Diabetes APS
  • Jeannie Chan, Intensive Care Nursery CNS
  • Shelley Diane, Pediatric Critical Care CNS
  • Meghan Duck, Interim Perinatal CNS
  • Lori Fineman, Pediatric Critical Care CNS
  • Mary Nottingham, Pediatric Medical/Surgical CNS
  • Elizabeth Papp, Intensive Care Nursery CNS
  • Chrissie Smith, Pediatric Wound Care CNS
  • Lisa Tsang, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant CNS


Pediatric Areas – BCH East Bay:

  • Linda Armstrong, Pediatric Psychiatric Services CNS
  • Teresa Courville, Pediatric Infectious Disease CNS
  • Anna Konstantin, Pediatric Critical Care CNS
  • Joanne Kuller, Neonatal ICU CNS
  • Jessica Lightcap, Pediatric Orthopedics CNS
  • Carolyn Lund, Pediatric Critical Care CNS
  • Nancy Noonan, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant CNS
  • Lisa Frost, Pediatric Acute Care CNS
  • Kimberly Specht, Pediatric Rehab CNS


Ambulatory areas:

  • Emely Alfaro, Adult Oncology Infusion Services CNS


Together, the CNS and APS teams collaborate with the Clinical Nurse Educators (CNEs), Clinical Nurse Researcher (CNR), Unit Directors, Patient Care Directors, Clinical Nurses, Physicians, Pharmacists, Therapists, and other stakeholders to advance excellent patient and family care.  

Please join us in recognizing the importance of the individual efforts and the collective work the CNS and APS group does daily!  
Happy CNS Week and thanks for all you do!


All of UCSF Health Nursing Leadership